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Dixie Here and I just want to say a quick Hi.

If you're on this page, you're probably wondering, "what happens if I fill out this application?"

  • So No Surprises. I will just walk you through the process. It's Super Simple.
  • If you fill out the application, and click the right boxes, and it looks like you might qualify for the Student Housing 3-Day Bootcamp, then it's going to shoot you over to my personal calendar.
  • On that calendar, you can choose any 15 minute block that works for you on the calendar.
  • From here we're going to set up a quick phone call. This call is not a sales call, period. Basically, for 15 minutes you can ask any questions you may have and I will do my best to answer them.
  • It's a Q & A call, and during the call if we uncover any resources or connections that you may need, I'm going to make sure you get those, after this call. My assistant will email those to you.
  • You're also going to get an email from my assistant, and in there it will give you links to join the Student Housing 3-Day Bootcamp. It will be a onetime fee. That email, is also going to you some coupon codes and those coupon codes will give you a pretty big discount, if you do decide you join.
  • You won't need to tell me, whether or not you have any intention of joining on this call, that's 100% up to you, you don't need to share any of that information with me.
  • Just ask any questions you want, on our call, and if you wanna join, go ahead an click the link in the email, if not, no big deal.... you don't have to tell me yes or no. That's your business, you do whatever works for you.

So that's how that call goes. So if you go ahead and fill out the application now, and schedule some to chat with me. And I will do the very best that I can, to help you any way I can, regardless if we do business together or not.

I hope to chat with you soon.

Yours Truly,

Dixie Decker

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Here's What Bootcamp Attendees Had To Say...

Here's What This Is...

Want to Join Me for A 3-Day Student Housing BOOTCAMP And Leave With a Complete,

Fully Documented, Ready-To-Go, Real Estate Investing Biz?


This Bootcamp Will Give You A PROVEN, Documented Process For Buying Houses WITHOUT Your Own Money or Credit, and Control College Kids Living There, AND receiving 3x's Cash Flow of What Other Single Family Landlords Receive.

As a Landlord, when leasing your properties, do you get stuck with damages, vacancies, and evictions in single family houses?

More Importantly, do you struggle with being able to step away from your business, and when you come back, it's not the Auto Pilot business you've always wanted it to be?

Do you want a way to manage that gets you TOP Dollar with all gorgeous properties with multiple guarantors on the lease?

Then this program is for you.

You'll quickly learn a comprehensive, step-by-step process that is unlike ANY Real Estate training you’ve ever experienced, because it STARTS with how you position yourself for Success from the beginning, by using a straightforward, step-by-step process for simplified implementation.







Here's What You'll Get Out Of the Bootcamp

  • A Full System with procedures for a real estate investing business (any landlord type or buying method) you can instantly start using when you get home.
  • scripted process for handling tenant leads and showings so you NEVER lose a critical opportunity (and never show at night or on the weekends).
  • How to Create Scarcity and Demand for your rentals and be pre- leased with a  waiting list months before you every go vacant.
  • A checklist of what you should say to EVERY prospect BEFORE you even show the house and often have full applications and security deposits before you step out the door.
  • My most powerful Rock Solid Lease for student housing that gets the parents to sign it too.
  • How to duplicate yourself & Automate creating freedom in your passive income business.
  • How to deal with the “We’re fine” sales objection and get your prospect motivated to take action.
  • How to turn tire kickers into SIGNED leases.
  • The secret to buying  with out your own money or credit, like I did.
  • Full Checklist for every process in the business and how to use a VA to get this done.
  • Scripts And Processes: For appointment setting, pre-selling, qualifying, diagnosing and getting them to sign the lease.
  • And Much More...


Bus Tour Group Route 66 Sign

Special Bonuses

BONUS #1: Free LIVE Training Session on Sales with John Martinez,

#1 Real Estate Investor Sales Trainer,

Who Trains The Top Real Estate Investor's Teams, that are doing 50 to 800+ Deals a Year! ($2,997 Value)

John Martinez- Sports Coat

John's Expertise Is With...

  • How to Set The Stage Up Front, thus Avoiding Push Back by Your Home Seller.
  • The Best Practices on Overcoming Resistance, Creating Motivation & Urgency with Your Seller.
  • When and How To Correctly Customize and Present Your Offer in such a Way that Your Seller Feels it's a Match Made in Heaven... Even When You're Not the Highest Offer on the Table.

BONUS #2: Free LIVE Training Session with Richard Flint,

International Speaker & Acclaimed Author, and

Dixie's Personal Development Coach! He's The Best There Is... ($2,797 Value)


Richard's Core Belief is 'Behavior Never Lies'

  • One of Richard's Unique Abilities is Sorting Through Your Clutter and Confusion, while Guiding You to Clarity and Balance, which is Instrumental for Anyone Who's Experiencing the High High's and Low Low's of Real Estate Investing.
  • He's Considered to be a well-guarded secret by many, Richard Flint inspires, teaches, and helps people and companies to transform into their Power To Be, so they can do or have anything they want. Interestingly, he does it without you having to set goals.


If you qualify, and want more information, follow the link below.

You'll be taken to a short questionnaire.

Don't worry, it's nothing intrusive or complex...

My team will pick it up from there and answer any questions you may have.


Here's Some of What We're Going to Work On:

We will work on your numbers so bring them to class and discuss why we would or wouldn’t invest in that market.

We will discuss buying on terms, financing, and private money benefits and how/when to use them.

Marketing to find them, make them compete to live in your houses, as well as pre-lease them months before they ever go vacant.

Using the Rock Solid lease to your benefit of having houses returned in nearly perfect condition, so you can move your next group of tenants in the following day with out staying up all day and night repairing and renovating.

How to determine which bucket you fit into and how you want to run your business, with an assistant who handles it all for you, or a management company/what/how they charge…

Go inside my properties, meet my tenants and see how they actually live in my homes. Work my real deals and numbers to determine what you would do with it.

How to automate this business in real estate investing on auto pilot with very little effort, how and what is needed.

Paperwork, how to set it up, streamline it, and structure your business entities properly to your protection and tax benefits.

Practice Makes Perfect, the more you do it the better you get at finding what you are looking for, so let’s dial it in and hand you what you are looking for to run your business with as little overhead as possible and simply management strategies.

Here's What the Bootcamp Will Do For You

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If you qualify, and want more information, follow the link below.

You'll be taken to a short questionnaire.

Don't worry, it's nothing intrusive or complex...

My team will pick it up from there and answer any questions you may have.


Here's How the Bootcamp Works

We'll Spend 3 Days Together, Cover All the In's and Out's of the Real Estate Business in Student Housing

I'll teach, then we'll do Q & A, Answering Any Questions that You May Have Along the Training.

We'll have a Little Fun Along the Way. I Like to Grease The Wheels by Giving Out CASH and Prizes, to Everyone who Participates.

Here's the Quick Foundation of What We'll Be Covering...

Day 1 Topics

  • Choosing Your Campus- Nationwide or Local
  • Setting Rent Rates & Campus Demand
  • Marketing to Sellers & Tenants
  • Direct Mail Campaigns & PPC
  • Cover the Rock Solid Lease
  • Move Ins / Move Outs in 24 hours
  • Rehabbing for Student Housing
  • Seller Negotiations & Mindset
  • My Mortgage guy for your Tenant Buyers
  • My Title Company Open Q&A
  • Property Management vs Self Manage
  • LIVE Q & A

Day 2 Topics

  • EPIC BUS TOUR.... into my actual properties
  • Review My Deals VRBO numbers vs Student Housing
  • Work LIVE Deals
  • Student Deals
  • Discuss Numbers
  • LIVE Q & A

Day 3 Topics

  • How to Buy on Terms &/or Finance
  • Quick Books Set up & Reports with my Accountant
  • Trusts & LLC’s & Company Structures
  • Private Lending vs. Seller Financing
  • Fix YOUR Mindset to make a Million
  • Ins and Outs of VRBO / AirBnB Mgmt
  • Zoning & Development
  • Office Staff & Training / Virtual Assitance VA's
  • Business Operations/ Databases
  • LIVE Q & A

Here's Why You Should Commit As Soon As Possible

(Besides the Fact That This Event Always Sells Out!!)

Too many real estate investors are still working with decade old systems and processes, Or many have Zero Processes and Procedures at all...


Are You the One, Doing All of the Work Yourself?

Still Carrying the Entire Business on Your Shoulders?

Just Interested in Automating Your Business, and Having It Run Efficiently Whether You're There of Not?


... These outdated systems and non-existing processes often result in....


Too many 'hours' going out and not enough 'dollars' coming in

Overwhelming Maintenance Issues

Chasing Tenant's for Payments

Inadequate Leasing Agreements

Non Existent Training of the Tenants, Before They Move In

Poor Accountability and Reliability of Your Team

Strains on Current Working Relationships with Spouse's, Family, Or Employees....

Quick Recap About the Bootcamp

I'm not here to "convince" you of anything. Truth is... I don't need to.

Our results over the last 4 years, while working with investors from east to west coast, and every place in between, speak for themselves.

As you can see by the testimonials, and if you research yourself through social media/ your real estate investment associations across the country/etc... so this really isn't a question of "will it help me build an automated business & triple my cashflow"....

This is really a question of "do I need to automate my business & gain personal freedom from the day to day grind, while making more money"?

If you are already streamlined with your procedures for marketing, getting your rentals pre-leased over a year in advance with a Rock Solid Lease, and automating not only your self out of the grind, but also your accounting, turn overs, rehabs, and private funding.... you don't need this.

If you're not, and would like to, is it worth the ticket price to do so?

If you answer that question... you'll know whether it makes sense for you or not.


See if you qualify and view any current promotions or discounts that might be available to you....

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