Dixie Decker's Proven Rehabbing System

My Easy to Follow 43 Step-by-Step System for Rehabbing Houses 

was created to manage any type of Rehab project with the Primary

Focus of Staying On Time & Under Budget

You will Learn How to Control Contractors with My Must-Have Clauses added to your Contracts AND

What is necessary in completing Each Step of a Project,

Starting with What first steps are Critical when you're acquiring the property, to What items should be DOUBLE CHECKED on the final Punch List

You will quickly learn a step-by-step process, so that you can Successfully Stay On Time, and Under Budget with your Rehabs, Flips, Rentals, and New Construction Projects.

It starts with how you position yourself at the beginning of the bidding process, and moves into hiring, negotiating, the what critical contracts you must have when hiring a contractor. Each Step goes In Depth on what is required for completion and best practices for Staying on Time and Under Budget, through out your project.


Dixie Decker's


43 Step System

Dixie Decker's Rehabbing Program

Here's What You'll Get Out of the Rehabbing Course

  • My Full 43 detailed "tasks" to complete a rehab Step by Step System
  • My scripted process for handling contractors
  • How to let the money control the deal
  • My most powerful Contractors Agreement, spelling out everything, including Contractor Required Insurances, for your Protection, to Pay Schedules, and Liability Disclaimers.
  • How to duplicate yourself & Automate creating freedom in your passive income business.
  • How to deal with scope of work
  • How to get contractors to finish the task
  • My secret to buying  a rehab for the right price
  • What not to do lists and What to Do to succeed lists
  • ALL Products sku's to create your own standard operatig procedures
  • And Much More...

Here's What You'll Learn...

How To Estimate Rehabbing a Property


How To Find Quality Contractors


How To Negotiate with Contractors


How To Track & Code All Expenses


Creating a Rock Solid Contract, including Addendum's


How To Streamline the Payment Process


How To Fully Operate from afar, with Standard Products


And Much Much More

Dixie Decker's


43 Step System

Dixie Decker's Rehabbing Program

Here's What You'll Get


Full Access to my Complete Rehabbing System... all my forms, contracts, and my best practices.

Rock Solid Sub Contractor Agreement

Scripts to talk to subs for best bids

Scope of Work by Addendum

Estimate Sheet by Category

Payment deadlines addendum

How to control the subs with the money

Standard Materials and Descriptions

Buying Formula for rehabs

Code/Items for Quickbooks tracking

Lien Waivers

Insurance Requirements

Inspections deadlines

Order of tasks for Rehabbing

43 Detailed sections of how to's per tasks of rehabbing

43 detailed sections of what not to do per task

Diagrams and help aids

And Many More Documents, and Best Practices....


Knowing your Rehab Plan together Before you Buy the property

Proven Systems & Processes

Rock Solid Agreements with Must-Have Addendum's

Detailed Scope of Work

Eliminating the Pitfalls of Any Construction Project

How to Manage the Budget

Business Automation

Building a Power Team to Manage the Project

Negotiating the Best Prices with Suppliers and Contractors

A to Z, Step-by-Step Checklist for Each Task During the Process

Rehabbing, Pre-Habbing, and New Construction

How to Hire Quality Contractors, who get the job Done

Here's the Results

Dixie Decker's Rehabbing System is used to operate and manage small remodeling projects, build multi unit apartment buildings, and everything in between!

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Model Home, Construction Level, Engineer Pencil and Ruler Resting on Custom House Plans.

Dixie's Rehabbing System has been Implemented on Over 20+ Million Dollars worth of Construction Projects.

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"You don't have to Reinvent the Wheel, Just Attach it to a New Wagon, to get where you're wanting to go."

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testimonials- Playing Card Flores

"Find a great mentor who believes in you, your life will change forever!"

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Dixie hardware store

"System's Run the Business, and Give you the Freedom and Control You deserve, in your business."

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Here's Why You Should Commit As Soon As Possible

Too many real estate investors are still working with decade old systems and processes, Or many have Zero

Processes and Procedures at all...


Are You the One, Doing All of the Work Yourself?

Still Carrying the Entire Business on Your Shoulders?

Just Interested in Automating Your Business, and Having It Run Efficiently Whether You're There of Not?


... These outdated systems and non-existing processes often result in....

Too many 'hours' going out and not enough 'dollars' coming in

Overwhelming Contractor Issues

Chasing Contractor's about Unfinished Work

Inadequate Contractor Agreements

Non Existent Training of the Contractors, Before they Start the work

Poor Accountability and Reliability of Your Contractors

Strains on Current Working Relationships with Spouse's, Family, Or Employees....

Dixie Decker's


43 Step System

Dixie Decker's Rehabbing Program

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